Sound bath with Tallulah Rendall
7:30 PM19:30

Sound bath with Tallulah Rendall

We begin with a Yoga Nidra Meditation to help the group settle into the space and begin the process of relaxation. This enables each person to attune to how they are really feeling, in order to set their intention for the journey ahead. It could simply be that you notice how deeply tired you are and so your intention could be an invitation for rest and rejuvenation or perhaps there is a physical or emotional tension present that you wish to soften or let go of. Either way it is for you to privately decide what you focus will be.

This is followed by the Sound Meditation itself where I combine my voice with Gongs, Himalayan Singing Bowls, Sacred Song & Shamanic Percussion. The combination of vibration and sound calms our nervous systems and facilitates transformation, this in turn can cultivate a clearer understanding of how best to nurture our body, mind and spirit moving forward.

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Spaciousness with Carolyn Thompson
11:15 AM11:15

Spaciousness with Carolyn Thompson

Move. Explore. Be curious. Make space.


‘….Practice is about allowing a lot of space. It’s about learning how to connect with that spaciousness that’s inside, and the spaciousness that’s outside. It’s about learning to relax, soften, and open—to connect with the sense that there’s actually a lot of room.’                                                        ~ Pema Chodron


A yoga workshop exploring movement, yoga shapes and beyond with curiosity and fun to invite spaciousness, in body, mind and breath. A practice to connect with yourself and others, to play, explore ideas, soften and feel good. 

But what does ‘Spaciousness’ mean? We’ll begin asking just this. 

For me, adventures and holidays are the best. A break from routine, time to explore and rest. Filling the soul with new sights, smells, sounds, tastes. Opportunity to slow down, notice more, connect with people, experiences and moments that feel…  S P A C I O U S. Perhaps.

But let’s not get attached to the idea that we always have to escape to find this magic. There’s plenty of spaciousness to be discovered in the ordinary rhythms of daily life too. 

What will this workshop include?

Opportunity to share thoughts and ideas (if you’d like to), and experience a variety of accessible practices embodying spaciousness which could include:

Writing, journaling, noticing thoughts and more

Breath awareness play

Feel into a guided flow… then take it on a journey, evolve it, move it, soften into spaciousness in your movement, shapes, and beyond

Intuition games




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2:30 PM14:30

Yin and Fascial Yoga - Roll and Release with Dominique Preston

Join Domique Preston for some rolling and releasing and getting into all those typical knotty spots as we move through a slow, mindful and sensory practice that will include soft yin and restorative yoga, some juicy free and fluid movement, and lots of therapeutic myofascial release.

Fascia is an interconnected web of connective tissue that weaves, binds, glides and slides through, around, in-between and throughout every part of us. It is literally everywhere. It holds us together, gives us our form and allows us to experience the felt sense of connection and continuities of movement…when healthy it gives us our bounce and lift and when it's not, it can get really knotty, immobile, rigid and sore ...

In this workshop we'll be working to unravel and unwind held tension, stress and tissue damage, moving through a complete practice, with the intention of leaving you feeling mentally, physically and heartFULLY relaxed, rested and ready for the week ahead.

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